Glorychuck - The Battle Axe of Uthgar +1

The sacred axe of the Grassland Barbarians.

weapon (melee)

Shocking Burst – 1D10 Shock damage on a critical hit, 2d10 on a double critical.

Throwing – Can be thrown up to 10 feet with no penalty, will return when axes name is called by the owner.

Does double damage to orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, and ogres.


The battle axe of Uthgar was forged by the barbarian god Uthgar himself, handed down to whom he sees worthy enough to lead the barbarian tribes. Once welded by Koll Dukasi, the leader of the Dukasi Barbarian tribe, Koll united the tribes and sacked the settlements being set up north of the Grasslands. The barbarians ended up being defeated after pillaging the village of Clarviks. Soon after Uthgar stripped Koll of the axe adding more shame to the Dukasi tribe, now 100’s of years later Uthgar has bestowed Ivar Bersk with Glorychuck, seeing him as a worthy leader to unite the barbarian clans.

Glorychuck - The Battle Axe of Uthgar +1

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