Thazar Nathandan

Hunter/Tracker from the village of Torgos


Thazar grew up in Torgos with his parents. His father was a trapper and his mother was a seamstress. Thazar was taught to be a trapper by his father but went on to learn how to hunt and track. As he grew up, he became the best tracker in Torgos helping the village in many different ways. He would later go on to help other villages around the Wetlands as well, helping to train others in the art of tracking.

Thazar lost his left leg and almost his life helping Luth Dassan, Buck-Rum, Ivar Bersk, and Ran Ran a Kran Kran in the events of “The Wetland Cannibals”. He currently resides in Torgos trying to figure out his life with one leg.

Thazar Nathandan

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