The Nalarnian Realm

The Reapers Episode 1: "Arifacts Unearthed"

The Grim Reaper Mercenary Brigade were hired to acquire an artifact that was recently uncovered in the small mining hamlet of Narshe. Viciros sends Fury Unit led by Xanril to recover them. Moving in under the cover of darkness, the Reapers were caught by night guards men which sparked an all out battle with the mining hamlet. Unknown to the Reapers, Narshe had found old magical technology from the battles of Lat-Num an Lorac and figured out how to use it.

The hamlet was armed with magical Arquebus’ and had even uncovered three giant magical suites of armor that were infused with magical ability. Even though the hamlet had such tech, the Reapers wiped out Narshe while sustaining quite a few casualties. After searching the hamlet and not finding what they were looking for, Xanril ordered Larry, Xehanort, and Tragon to sweep the mines.

While searching the trio came across the hamlet Elder Umbero Fezim with a giant statue of a fallen angel. Umbero tried to talk to the Mercenaries to no prevail, at which time he summoned his Giant Beetle pet to attack the group which they ended up slaying. After the battle Larry beheaded Umbero earning him the name Larry the Beheader. Xanril had the Lesser Reapers pull the statue out, it was the artifact they came for.

After pulling out of the hamlet the Reapers set up camp but in the middle of the night fights started breaking out between Lesser Reapers. Larry, being awakened by the fighting noticed the statue had a very low glow around it and was drawn into a confrontation with Xehanort. One half of the Reapers killed the other half believing they were traitors.

Tragon was able to stop Larry and Xehanort from killing each other while Xanril ordered the killed Reapers bodies burned. Larry believed the statue had something to do with what happened but Xanril wouldn’t listen ordering the Rest of the Reapers to pack up and head back to Reapers Keep.



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