The Nalarnian Realm

The Reapers Episode 6: "Unknown World"

Xehanort awoke to find himself floating in a sea of nothingness, but yet could see silver cords here and there, fading into the nothing. As he looked around he could see someone floating in the distance. Xehanort floated their way until he came across the bodies of his companions, Larry and Tragon. Final able to wake them, Xehanort grabbed onto a silver cord and the trio pulled themselves along till they final fall through the nothingness and hit solid ground.

As they got themselves up, they could see they were surrounded by strange beings in a city they’d never seen before. No one seemed to pay them any mind. Larry tried to ask a few beings where they were but no one seemed to want to help them, let alone speak to them. They finally wandered around until they came across The Smoldering Corpse Bar and decided to enter. Once inside they noticed beings they’d never seen before, demons, monsters, and beings they knew nothing of!

The trio headed to the bar and ordered drinks from the bartender. They talked to him and found out that they were in the city of Sigil and were along ways from the Nalarnian Realm. Trying to figure out how to get back home, a couple of cloaked figures approached the party telling them they could get the trio back home if the party did them a favor. All they had to do was kill a certain Khaasta by the name of Goqadohi who was known to hang around the Spitting Balor Saloon, the party agreed.

The trio made their way to the saloon and found Goqadohi all by his lonesome. Larry immediately attacked the creature who seen him coming. Tragon and Xehanort joined the fray and the trio was able to dispatch Goqadohi with minor injuries. No one in the saloon seemed to care with what had happened and the party promptly exit the building. Once outside Xehanort decided he wanted to find a general store while Larry and Tragon headed back to the Smoldering Corpse.

Once there, Larry and Tragon found the cloaked patrons to be gone. Larry talked to the bartender who had no idea what he was talking about until Larry decided to pay him. Once the bartender started talking Larry decided to try and kill him. Little did he know the patrons of the bar were loyal to the bartender and overwhelmed Larry and Tragon, killing them both.



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