The Nalarnian Realm

The Wanderers Episode 3: "Trust Issues"

As the party made their way into Torgos, some village guards helped them to the Nalarnian temple. Luth, happy to see the adventurers back home, helped them in his temple and called upon his priests, Elyn Mera and Hamas Warder to help the injured party. Luth was in disbelief of Thazar and his missing leg and was surprised that he was even still alive. Buck-Rum told Luth of what had happened with the cannibals they discovered thanks to Thazar and that they had killed them all except for the one who managed to escape.

Thankful for what they had done, Luth left the party with his priests and went to see Urhur to update him on what had happened. Some time later the party was escorted home to rest up and heal. Once well enough, the adventurers went to see Urhur about the cannibals at which time he rewarded them with ion stones for everything they had done. The party ended up training with the village guard for a few weeks and gained new skills in the process. Throughout that time they met Carric Sepret and his bodyguard Theren Amakiir.

Carric was the head priest of the Order of the Fallen church in Torgos. Carric congratulated the party for handling the cannibals and invited them to come to his church anytime, they were more then welcome. They exchanged pleasantries and got back to training. One late night, a villager came to the parties house and woke them up. She exclaimed that something was happening at the Nalarnian Temple and that Luth and his priests were nowhere to be found. The party geared up and headed to the temple. Once inside they found no one or anything happening.

They headed to the back but still nothing. They discovered a doorway with a stairwell that led down and decided to go. To their surprise, underneath the temple was a giant mausoleum full of tombs. The adventurers searched through the many rooms of the mausoleum until they came upon a room with a Red Stone Staff standing straight in the middle of the room. The party inspected it at which time Ivar tried to smash it with his axe. His axe crumbled in his hands as soon as it hit the staff.

Ran Ran thought he might be able to grab the staff, at which time it emitted a wave of red light throughout the room. The staff didn’t move. A few seconds later, sounds started to come from the tombs that were all around the room. Corpses started to break out of the tombs, the party promptly started hacking at the living corpses that were now all over the room. Ivar did the best he could using his fists, while Ran Ran and Buck-Rum sliced through as many corpses as they could.

The Party was overwhelmed as they fought their way out of the mausoleum with Ivar being taken down by the undead. Badly hurt, Ran Ran and Buck-Rum left their partner behind as they escaped the church. Ivar slipped away from life but soon found himself surrounded by light, all of a sudden he was in front of his deity Uthgar. Not sure what was happening, Ivar greeted his god who explained to Ivar that it wasn’t his time to die, bestowing him with a mission to bring the barbarian tribes back together and to lead them to great glory.

Uthgar gifted Ivar with Glorychuck, the sacred axe of the barbarian people and sent him back to Torgos.



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