The Nalarnian Realm

The Wanderers Episode 2: "The Wetland Cannibals"

After returning to Torgos, Buck-Rum, Ivar Bersk, and Ran Ran sought out Luth and told him what they had discovered at the Evanwood settlement. Luth promptly had them visit his healers at the temple while he went and talked to Urhur Marsk the town elder about what was discovered. Soon after Luth & Urhur met up with the adventurers asking them if they would go back and see if they couldn find what was in the fog at the settlement, enlisting the help of Thazar Nathandan, the villages best tracker/hunter and five village guards.

The party agreed and after a good nights rest, everyone met in the morning in front of the village. The party made it through the fog back to the Evanwood settlement showing Thazar where they heard the noises coming from. Thazar was able to pick up tracks that led the adventurers into the Nalarnian Spine and about an hour and a half later they came across a cave. The group entered but soon found out it was quite big. They decided to split up, Thazar taking three guards with him while the other two guards would go with the adventurers.

As the party made their way through the cave they encountered a number of raving cannibals throughout. After much exploring and fighting, the party decided to go back and take the path Thazar had went down to try and find him. After a while the party encountered Thockar The Abomination who was eating one of the village guards, without hesitation the party engaged Thockar and was able to kill him. After looking around some the party couldn’t find Thazar or the other guards, so they moved on through the caves.

After running into a few more cannibals, Ivar fell victim to a pit trap that fatally wounded him, the party bandaged him up and left him hidden in one of the rooms they had previously cleared and moved forward. They eventually came across the leader of the cannibals, Malachi The Butcher along with a few other cannibals who had Thazar with them. They had cut off his left leg and were roasting it. After a little taunting from Malachi the two parties engaged, the adventurers already beat down and tired, narrowly defeated the cannibals.

Ran Ran bandaged up Thazar while Buck-Rum checked out a few rooms they had missed. As he tried to enter a room iron bars came down in front of him blocking Buck-Rum from entering. As he looked in he could see a cannibal across the room staring at him. He called out to Buck-Rum, some how the cannibal knew his name and told him he would be seeing him again very soon. Buck-Rum tried to lift the gates but the cannibal slipped through a secret passage escaping out of the room.

The party camped out in the caves for the night, luckily Ivar awoke in the morning but was still very weak from the day before. The party decided to head out and go back to Torgos. With two wounded men, the adventurers made it down to the Evanwood settlement and decided to rest some more there for the day. Ran Ran took watch while everyone else went to sleep. Not to long after Ran Ran heard something smash on the roof of the house. As he looked out the windows, he seen something smash against the back door of the home and burst into flames.

He woke the party up and they promptly gathered their things, as they tried to escape they discovered both doors were on fire. Buck-Rum decided to jump out of one of the bedroom windows, they helped Thazar out. Ivar slipped on his way out and cut himself on broken glass. Realizing he wouldn’t fit out of the window, Ran Ran busted his way through the front door instead taking minor damage. As the group looked around for any assailants, they realized they should get back to Torgos as soon as possible and with their guards up, they headed home.



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