The Nalarnian Realm

The Reapers Episode 7: "Homeward Bound"

After getting supplies, Xehanort went to head back to the Smoldering Corpse but noticed some Khaasta were following him. As he entered the tavern, he was introduced to the grisly scene of his companions Larry the Beheader and Tragon slaughtered by the patrons of the Smoldering Corpse. The bartender recognizing him called for his head as well. Xehanort promptly exited the tavern ducking into the crowded streets before breaking down an alleyway.

As he moved down the alley Xehanort was ambushed and captured by the Khaasta that were tailing him earlier. He tried to put up a struggle but was overwhelmed by the creatures. The Khaasta took him back to Khaasta Row, a part of The Hive Ward the species had carved out for themselves, to interrogate Xehanort about what had happened with Goqadohi. There he met LockJaw The Pure, leader to the group of Khaasta.

Xehanort explained that he was from another realm and was trying to find his way home. Some patrons of the tavern said they could help him and his companions get back to the Nalarnian Realm if they agreed to kill someone for them, Goqadohi. LockJaw already knew who hired Xehanort, their rivals the Starved Barking Dogs who were a group of Wolfwere trying to take over The Hive Ward. LockJaw decided to try and use the situation to his advantage, employing Xehanort in the process to help get the Khaasta into the Starved Barking Dogs complex.

Not really having a choice, Xehanort agreed to help the Khaasta get into the complex. LockJaw gathered his group of warriors led by Kava and Daar his most trusted fighters, to infiltrate the dwelling with Xehanort. Since Xehanort didn’t have any weapons that could hurt the Wolfweres, LockJaw gifted him with Wolfsbane, a magical sword. The group waited till nightfall and off they headed to the Dogs complex. Once there the Khaasta stayed back while Xehanort tried to get them into the dwelling.

He encountered a Wolfwere guard at the front door of the complex and explained who he was and what had happened and that the Khaasta were using him to raid their dwelling. The guard, surprised at what Xehanort was telling him went and got his higher up, Ovidia. Ovidia loved what he was hearing and decided to set a trap for the Khaasta. He wanted Xehanort to let the Khaasta in so the Wolfs could ambush them.

Ovidia went to set up the ambush while the guard and Xehanort pretended to get in a scuffle. The guard faked being knocked out giving Xehanort the opportunity to get the Khaasta in the building. Once in Kava, Daar, and Xehanort led the group into the complex. As they searched they found no one to be there. Kava got the feeling something was up and just as the word left his mouth the Wolfweres sprung into action catching the Khaasta by surprise.

In the midst of the battle Xehanort tried to escape but was attacked by the Wolfweres. As he fought his way out of the complex he was attacked by Ovidia who turned out to be one of the most formidable opponents he had ever faced. Xehanort who was getting bested used his wits to distract the Wolfwere and finally escape the complex. As he ran down the alley though, Ovidia figured out a way to cut him off engaging Xehanort once more. On the brink of defeat, Xehanort tried to fight off the Wolf.

Just as Ovidia was about to eliminate Xehanort he was stabbed in the back which instantly killed the wolf. Xehanort surprised at what had just happened looked up to see a man standing over them. He helped Xehanort up and explained that he had been watching him since he first arrived at the Smoldering Corpse. The man’s name was Candrian Illborne and he was interested in getting Xehanort back to the Nalarnian Realm.

Xehanort who was half dead promptly looted Ovidias body finding a very interesting gauntlet on the wolf then fled with Candrian out of the alley. The two ended up in Candrians hideaway where they stayed till Xehanort could heal up. In the meantime Candrian explained that he had interests in the Nalarnian Realm he wanted to pursue and needed Xehanort to help get through to the Realm. Candrian was a planeswalker and could travel from plane to plane but for some reason he couldn’t get through to the Nalarian Realm.

He figured if he could get Xehanort to remember a certain place in the Realm he could use those memories to push through and get there. Xehanort was happy to try so he could get back home but wanted to know why Candrian wanted to get there. Illborne explained in his travels he encountered a man with a scar across his neck who was supposedly from the Realm. The encounter did not end well for Candrian who narrowly escaped with his life.

He now wanted to exact revenge on the man who had almost killed him. Xehanort immediately thought of Xanril as the culprit but didn’t know how it could be since he was killed back at Reapers Keep. After Xehanort was healed, Candrian was nice enough to get the Gauntlet identified, figuring out what kind of magical properties it had. Once they were ready Candrian did what he could to get them to the Nalarnian Realm.



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