The Nalarnian Realm

The Reapers Episode 5: "End of the Road"

After searching Davkul’s compound and retrieving all their equipment, Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort parted ways with Sabariel. As they exited the compound they could see the city guard making their way down the street towards them. They ducked through some alleyways and were able to make it out of The Spike and into the night. The trio made camp outside of the city for the night and in the morning headed back to Reapers Keep. While traveling through the Shahan Desert they came across a Desert Giant herding his flock of sheep.

Larry decided to attack the giant killing it after an intense battle. After the battle Larry remembered about the ring of animal friendship he looted off the Manscorpion weeks before and used it to befriend the herd of sheep which they took with them back to Reapers Keep. Once the trio reached The Keep, they found an army sitting out front of its gate. They recognized the army as the same people who were there earlier to pick up the statue. The trio went through a secret entrance in the mountains to get into The Keep, leaving the herd of sheep outside. Once in, they found the ranks of The Reapers to be in turmoil.

The group came across Divine Reaper Jamaros who was happy to see them alive. He explained that the army was there for the statue but Viciros wasn’t giving it up, locking himself in his quarters with it. The trio went to see Viciros who was pacing across his chambers mumbling about the statue. Larry tried to talk to him to no avail, the only thing thing he cared about was the statue. The trio left Viciros and decided they should make a move against the waiting army. The trio tell Jamaros they are gonna sneak back out with a small group of Reapers and hit the army from the side, once engaged Jamaros should attack from the front which he agrees to.

After heading outside Larry gets his herd of sheep to wanderer through the army kind of as a distraction. The group attacks the army from its side while distracted by the sheep, cutting down soldiers and archers. Jamaros leads the attack from the front gate of Reapers Keep and chaos ensues. The army, utilizing two catapults start launching giant boulders at the front gates of Reapers Keep, Xehanort decides to make his way to the catapults to put them out of commission.

After fighting his way to the catapults Xehanort tries to break one but ends up launching a boulder which brings down the gates of The Keep. The army rains down a volley of arrows from the rear onto The Reapers and cavalry end up charging the group. Realizing that they were taking heavy casualties, Tragon, and Xehanort retreat back into The Keep and once again try to get Viciros to do something. Larry decides its time to takeover as Grand Reaper and attacks Viciros, an intense battle ensues and Viciros ends up defeating Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort.

As Viciros’ anger goes out of control the fallen angel statue starts to emit flashes of light engulfing everyone in the chamber, the trio disappears.



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