The Nalarnian Realm

The Wanderers Episode 1: "The Lost Settlement"

Torgos had become home to the adventurers Buck-Rum and Ivar Bersk. The duo would later befriend the oddest member of the community, Ran Ran a Kran Kran an albino Ogre who was adopted by the village after being found in the Wetlands at a young age, together becoming a group that would do various work for the people of Torgos. They were soon endorsed by village priest Luth Dassan and the Nalarnian Temple and became the go to adventurers of the village.

For all their help, the village decided to build them their own house in Torgos and the trio settled in and enjoyed whatever work came their way. One morning the trio made their way to the Snorting Bull Tavern, their favorite spot, where they were greeted as always by the tavern maid Mara and served their usual. Not long after Luth joined them and asked if they wouldn’t mind checking on the Evanwood family who had a settlement down river from Torgos, no one had seen or heard from the family in some time. As usual they agreed.

After breakfast they made their way down to the Evanwood settlement which was blanketed in fog. They noticed smoke coming from the chimney of the family home but seen nobody around the settlement. Ran Ran walked the perimeter of the farm which was surrounded by a wooden fence but didn’t find or see anything. Ivar decided to open the front gate of the fence in doing so knocking it off, making a loud crashing sound. Still nobody stirred around the farm. Ivar and Buck-Rum decided to check the front of the house while Ran Ran went to the back door.

Ivar tried to look in the front window of the home but found it to be covered by something, they then decided to enter the home. Once inside they found large chunks of meat to be cooking in the fire place which made the house smell delicious, no one was in the home. Ran Ran checked one of the bedrooms while Ivar checked the other. Ran Ran came across a blood splattered bedroom with a child’s doll by one of the beds but didn’t find much else. Ivar found nothing but an empty bedroom.

Ivar decided they should check the barn next to the house. As Ran Ran went out the back he was immediately attacked by a Half-Giant, severely hurting Ran Ran with his giant spiked club. As Ran Ran stumbled out of the door Ivar charged the half giant, critically wounding and killing him. After collecting themselves they went to the barn and cautiously opened the door to find the Evanwood family hanging from the rafters, body parts missing and partly eaten. Through the fog outside, Ivar seen something move but couldn’t tell what it was.

Shortly after they heard a mass amount of grunting and hollering coming from the backside of the home through the fog and decided it was time to head back to Torgos. They promptly ran back to the village.



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