The Nalarnian Realm

The Reapers Episode 4: "Breaking the Chains"

Davkul The Slaver had his fun with Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort for around a week. Davkul finally decided he wanted to use them as bait in an assassination attempt of rival slaver Khemed Shemov. Davkul summoned his trusty assassin Sabariel to take the trio to Khemed and try to sell them to him, since they were season warriors. Davkul had magical slave collars put on trio which prevented them from speaking and away they went.

Sabariel infiltrated Khemed’s compound as someone looking to sell slaves convincing him to buy the trio at which time he had them thrown in his slave cages. As Khemed’s guards took them away Sabariel was able to slice Khemed’s throat killing him. Once Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort were put in the cages still shackled together, the guards unexpectedly removed the slave collars at which time Larry warned them about the plot against their master.

The trio of slaves tried their best to break free but didn’t have the strength to break the chains. As Sabariel tried to escape she was caught by the guards and ended up in a battle with them. She worked her way outside able to kill off most of the guard. She decided to take the slaves back with her to Davkul replacing the collars around their necks. Since the trio were shackled together Sabariel knocked out Tragon who was in the middle and made the other two carry him back.

They returned to Davkul and Sabariel explained what had happened. What she didn’t know was that Larry had told Khemed’s guards about who sent the assassin.Not soon after, the guards descended upon Davkul’s dwelling and attacked all inside. Davkul’s men along with Sabariel engaged while Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort finally broke free from the shackles. The trio broke for Davkul’s slave pits amongst all the chaos and found some old weapons to use. They headed back to the fighting, freeing Davkul’s slaves in the process. Upon their return Larry engaged.

Davkul while Xehanort and Tragon attacked which ever guards were close enough. The Reaper trio along with Sabariel cleared the room with Larry killing off Davkul and staying true to his name by beheading him. The trio and Sabariel came to a truce with each other, searching Davkul’s compound for their personal effects and the coin that was owed to Sabariel for assassinating Khemed.



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