The Nalarnian Realm

The Reapers Episode 3: "A Bad Turn of Events"

On their way to the desert city of Iron Spike, Larry, Tragon and, Xehanort were ambushed by a lone Manscorpion, Tragon tumbled into a pit trap set by the Scorpion but quickly recovered. Tragon engaged the Manscorpion swinging wildly and ended up chopping the leg off of his own horse. Larry decided to dive into the pit to try and stab the Scorpion to no avail hitting the ground instead.

After a few missteps the party was able to slay the Manscorpion finding a nice amount of treasure in the process. When all was said and done the trio gathered themselves and headed to The Spike. Once in town they headed to the slave pits to do business with none other than their old master Davkul The Slaver. Ecstatic to see his old slaves, Davkul decided he wouldn’t sell any of his slaves to the trio but instead made them a deal to fight in the pits against an opponent of his choosing.

If they won the Reapers could have the slaves free of charge and if they lost the three would become slaves once more. They Agreed. After resting up for the night the trio met with Davkul at the slave pits. Unknown to what they were fighting, the trio of Reapers entered the arena. Davkul gave a speech to the crowd and unleashed a horde of Thri-Kreen upon the Reapers. Realizing they made a mistake, the trio tried the best they could to win the battle but were no match against the horde.

After the battle Davkul had the Reapers stripped and imprisoned.



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