The Nalarnian Realm

The Reapers Episode 2: "Changing of the Guard"

After Fury Unit returned to Reapers Keep, Grand Reaper Viciros had concerns with the loss of Lesser Reapers. Xanril explained about the heavy resistance in the mining hamlet of Narshe and how some Lesser Reapers betrayed them later that night. Viciros couldn’t believe so many Reapers would turn so he decided to question the remaining members of Fury Unit. Once he got to Larry he tried to explain to the Grand Reaper about what he seen with the statue.

After all was said an done Viciros determined that Xanril was a traitor and had those Lesser Reapers killed and that the ones still alive were loyal to Xanril. Viciros had Xanril captured and told the rest of Fury Unit to kill him in order to prove their loyalty to the Reaper Brigade. The remaining members cut Xanril down with Larry living up to his name and beheading Xanril in the end. With much consideration Viciros promoted Larry to Demi Reaper, giving him commander of Fury Unit.

He then charged Larry with recruiting new members to help fill the ranks of the unit. Larry decided to head to Iron Spike to find pit fighting slaves after a night of rest at Reapers Keep. That night Tragon would dream of Xanril and the destruction of The Nalarnian Realm. In the morning before Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort departed for Iron Spike, they came across Viciros and men representing the one who hired the Reapers to retrieve the statue from Narshe. After some heated conversation Viciros decided he wanted the statue for himself and had the men sent away.



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