The Nalarnian Realm

The Reapers Episode 7: "Homeward Bound"

After getting supplies, Xehanort went to head back to the Smoldering Corpse but noticed some Khaasta were following him. As he entered the tavern, he was introduced to the grisly scene of his companions Larry the Beheader and Tragon slaughtered by the patrons of the Smoldering Corpse. The bartender recognizing him called for his head as well. Xehanort promptly exited the tavern ducking into the crowded streets before breaking down an alleyway.

As he moved down the alley Xehanort was ambushed and captured by the Khaasta that were tailing him earlier. He tried to put up a struggle but was overwhelmed by the creatures. The Khaasta took him back to Khaasta Row, a part of The Hive Ward the species had carved out for themselves, to interrogate Xehanort about what had happened with Goqadohi. There he met LockJaw The Pure, leader to the group of Khaasta.

Xehanort explained that he was from another realm and was trying to find his way home. Some patrons of the tavern said they could help him and his companions get back to the Nalarnian Realm if they agreed to kill someone for them, Goqadohi. LockJaw already knew who hired Xehanort, their rivals the Starved Barking Dogs who were a group of Wolfwere trying to take over The Hive Ward. LockJaw decided to try and use the situation to his advantage, employing Xehanort in the process to help get the Khaasta into the Starved Barking Dogs complex.

Not really having a choice, Xehanort agreed to help the Khaasta get into the complex. LockJaw gathered his group of warriors led by Kava and Daar his most trusted fighters, to infiltrate the dwelling with Xehanort. Since Xehanort didn’t have any weapons that could hurt the Wolfweres, LockJaw gifted him with Wolfsbane, a magical sword. The group waited till nightfall and off they headed to the Dogs complex. Once there the Khaasta stayed back while Xehanort tried to get them into the dwelling.

He encountered a Wolfwere guard at the front door of the complex and explained who he was and what had happened and that the Khaasta were using him to raid their dwelling. The guard, surprised at what Xehanort was telling him went and got his higher up, Ovidia. Ovidia loved what he was hearing and decided to set a trap for the Khaasta. He wanted Xehanort to let the Khaasta in so the Wolfs could ambush them.

Ovidia went to set up the ambush while the guard and Xehanort pretended to get in a scuffle. The guard faked being knocked out giving Xehanort the opportunity to get the Khaasta in the building. Once in Kava, Daar, and Xehanort led the group into the complex. As they searched they found no one to be there. Kava got the feeling something was up and just as the word left his mouth the Wolfweres sprung into action catching the Khaasta by surprise.

In the midst of the battle Xehanort tried to escape but was attacked by the Wolfweres. As he fought his way out of the complex he was attacked by Ovidia who turned out to be one of the most formidable opponents he had ever faced. Xehanort who was getting bested used his wits to distract the Wolfwere and finally escape the complex. As he ran down the alley though, Ovidia figured out a way to cut him off engaging Xehanort once more. On the brink of defeat, Xehanort tried to fight off the Wolf.

Just as Ovidia was about to eliminate Xehanort he was stabbed in the back which instantly killed the wolf. Xehanort surprised at what had just happened looked up to see a man standing over them. He helped Xehanort up and explained that he had been watching him since he first arrived at the Smoldering Corpse. The man’s name was Candrian Illborne and he was interested in getting Xehanort back to the Nalarnian Realm.

Xehanort who was half dead promptly looted Ovidias body finding a very interesting gauntlet on the wolf then fled with Candrian out of the alley. The two ended up in Candrians hideaway where they stayed till Xehanort could heal up. In the meantime Candrian explained that he had interests in the Nalarnian Realm he wanted to pursue and needed Xehanort to help get through to the Realm. Candrian was a planeswalker and could travel from plane to plane but for some reason he couldn’t get through to the Nalarian Realm.

He figured if he could get Xehanort to remember a certain place in the Realm he could use those memories to push through and get there. Xehanort was happy to try so he could get back home but wanted to know why Candrian wanted to get there. Illborne explained in his travels he encountered a man with a scar across his neck who was supposedly from the Realm. The encounter did not end well for Candrian who narrowly escaped with his life.

He now wanted to exact revenge on the man who had almost killed him. Xehanort immediately thought of Xanril as the culprit but didn’t know how it could be since he was killed back at Reapers Keep. After Xehanort was healed, Candrian was nice enough to get the Gauntlet identified, figuring out what kind of magical properties it had. Once they were ready Candrian did what he could to get them to the Nalarnian Realm.

The Wanderers Episode 3: "Trust Issues"

As the party made their way into Torgos, some village guards helped them to the Nalarnian temple. Luth, happy to see the adventurers back home, helped them in his temple and called upon his priests, Elyn Mera and Hamas Warder to help the injured party. Luth was in disbelief of Thazar and his missing leg and was surprised that he was even still alive. Buck-Rum told Luth of what had happened with the cannibals they discovered thanks to Thazar and that they had killed them all except for the one who managed to escape.

Thankful for what they had done, Luth left the party with his priests and went to see Urhur to update him on what had happened. Some time later the party was escorted home to rest up and heal. Once well enough, the adventurers went to see Urhur about the cannibals at which time he rewarded them with ion stones for everything they had done. The party ended up training with the village guard for a few weeks and gained new skills in the process. Throughout that time they met Carric Sepret and his bodyguard Theren Amakiir.

Carric was the head priest of the Order of the Fallen church in Torgos. Carric congratulated the party for handling the cannibals and invited them to come to his church anytime, they were more then welcome. They exchanged pleasantries and got back to training. One late night, a villager came to the parties house and woke them up. She exclaimed that something was happening at the Nalarnian Temple and that Luth and his priests were nowhere to be found. The party geared up and headed to the temple. Once inside they found no one or anything happening.

They headed to the back but still nothing. They discovered a doorway with a stairwell that led down and decided to go. To their surprise, underneath the temple was a giant mausoleum full of tombs. The adventurers searched through the many rooms of the mausoleum until they came upon a room with a Red Stone Staff standing straight in the middle of the room. The party inspected it at which time Ivar tried to smash it with his axe. His axe crumbled in his hands as soon as it hit the staff.

Ran Ran thought he might be able to grab the staff, at which time it emitted a wave of red light throughout the room. The staff didn’t move. A few seconds later, sounds started to come from the tombs that were all around the room. Corpses started to break out of the tombs, the party promptly started hacking at the living corpses that were now all over the room. Ivar did the best he could using his fists, while Ran Ran and Buck-Rum sliced through as many corpses as they could.

The Party was overwhelmed as they fought their way out of the mausoleum with Ivar being taken down by the undead. Badly hurt, Ran Ran and Buck-Rum left their partner behind as they escaped the church. Ivar slipped away from life but soon found himself surrounded by light, all of a sudden he was in front of his deity Uthgar. Not sure what was happening, Ivar greeted his god who explained to Ivar that it wasn’t his time to die, bestowing him with a mission to bring the barbarian tribes back together and to lead them to great glory.

Uthgar gifted Ivar with Glorychuck, the sacred axe of the barbarian people and sent him back to Torgos.

The Wanderers Episode 2: "The Wetland Cannibals"

After returning to Torgos, Buck-Rum, Ivar Bersk, and Ran Ran sought out Luth and told him what they had discovered at the Evanwood settlement. Luth promptly had them visit his healers at the temple while he went and talked to Urhur Marsk the town elder about what was discovered. Soon after Luth & Urhur met up with the adventurers asking them if they would go back and see if they couldn find what was in the fog at the settlement, enlisting the help of Thazar Nathandan, the villages best tracker/hunter and five village guards.

The party agreed and after a good nights rest, everyone met in the morning in front of the village. The party made it through the fog back to the Evanwood settlement showing Thazar where they heard the noises coming from. Thazar was able to pick up tracks that led the adventurers into the Nalarnian Spine and about an hour and a half later they came across a cave. The group entered but soon found out it was quite big. They decided to split up, Thazar taking three guards with him while the other two guards would go with the adventurers.

As the party made their way through the cave they encountered a number of raving cannibals throughout. After much exploring and fighting, the party decided to go back and take the path Thazar had went down to try and find him. After a while the party encountered Thockar The Abomination who was eating one of the village guards, without hesitation the party engaged Thockar and was able to kill him. After looking around some the party couldn’t find Thazar or the other guards, so they moved on through the caves.

After running into a few more cannibals, Ivar fell victim to a pit trap that fatally wounded him, the party bandaged him up and left him hidden in one of the rooms they had previously cleared and moved forward. They eventually came across the leader of the cannibals, Malachi The Butcher along with a few other cannibals who had Thazar with them. They had cut off his left leg and were roasting it. After a little taunting from Malachi the two parties engaged, the adventurers already beat down and tired, narrowly defeated the cannibals.

Ran Ran bandaged up Thazar while Buck-Rum checked out a few rooms they had missed. As he tried to enter a room iron bars came down in front of him blocking Buck-Rum from entering. As he looked in he could see a cannibal across the room staring at him. He called out to Buck-Rum, some how the cannibal knew his name and told him he would be seeing him again very soon. Buck-Rum tried to lift the gates but the cannibal slipped through a secret passage escaping out of the room.

The party camped out in the caves for the night, luckily Ivar awoke in the morning but was still very weak from the day before. The party decided to head out and go back to Torgos. With two wounded men, the adventurers made it down to the Evanwood settlement and decided to rest some more there for the day. Ran Ran took watch while everyone else went to sleep. Not to long after Ran Ran heard something smash on the roof of the house. As he looked out the windows, he seen something smash against the back door of the home and burst into flames.

He woke the party up and they promptly gathered their things, as they tried to escape they discovered both doors were on fire. Buck-Rum decided to jump out of one of the bedroom windows, they helped Thazar out. Ivar slipped on his way out and cut himself on broken glass. Realizing he wouldn’t fit out of the window, Ran Ran busted his way through the front door instead taking minor damage. As the group looked around for any assailants, they realized they should get back to Torgos as soon as possible and with their guards up, they headed home.

The Wanderers Episode 1: "The Lost Settlement"

Torgos had become home to the adventurers Buck-Rum and Ivar Bersk. The duo would later befriend the oddest member of the community, Ran Ran a Kran Kran an albino Ogre who was adopted by the village after being found in the Wetlands at a young age, together becoming a group that would do various work for the people of Torgos. They were soon endorsed by village priest Luth Dassan and the Nalarnian Temple and became the go to adventurers of the village.

For all their help, the village decided to build them their own house in Torgos and the trio settled in and enjoyed whatever work came their way. One morning the trio made their way to the Snorting Bull Tavern, their favorite spot, where they were greeted as always by the tavern maid Mara and served their usual. Not long after Luth joined them and asked if they wouldn’t mind checking on the Evanwood family who had a settlement down river from Torgos, no one had seen or heard from the family in some time. As usual they agreed.

After breakfast they made their way down to the Evanwood settlement which was blanketed in fog. They noticed smoke coming from the chimney of the family home but seen nobody around the settlement. Ran Ran walked the perimeter of the farm which was surrounded by a wooden fence but didn’t find or see anything. Ivar decided to open the front gate of the fence in doing so knocking it off, making a loud crashing sound. Still nobody stirred around the farm. Ivar and Buck-Rum decided to check the front of the house while Ran Ran went to the back door.

Ivar tried to look in the front window of the home but found it to be covered by something, they then decided to enter the home. Once inside they found large chunks of meat to be cooking in the fire place which made the house smell delicious, no one was in the home. Ran Ran checked one of the bedrooms while Ivar checked the other. Ran Ran came across a blood splattered bedroom with a child’s doll by one of the beds but didn’t find much else. Ivar found nothing but an empty bedroom.

Ivar decided they should check the barn next to the house. As Ran Ran went out the back he was immediately attacked by a Half-Giant, severely hurting Ran Ran with his giant spiked club. As Ran Ran stumbled out of the door Ivar charged the half giant, critically wounding and killing him. After collecting themselves they went to the barn and cautiously opened the door to find the Evanwood family hanging from the rafters, body parts missing and partly eaten. Through the fog outside, Ivar seen something move but couldn’t tell what it was.

Shortly after they heard a mass amount of grunting and hollering coming from the backside of the home through the fog and decided it was time to head back to Torgos. They promptly ran back to the village.

The Reapers Episode 6: "Unknown World"

Xehanort awoke to find himself floating in a sea of nothingness, but yet could see silver cords here and there, fading into the nothing. As he looked around he could see someone floating in the distance. Xehanort floated their way until he came across the bodies of his companions, Larry and Tragon. Final able to wake them, Xehanort grabbed onto a silver cord and the trio pulled themselves along till they final fall through the nothingness and hit solid ground.

As they got themselves up, they could see they were surrounded by strange beings in a city they’d never seen before. No one seemed to pay them any mind. Larry tried to ask a few beings where they were but no one seemed to want to help them, let alone speak to them. They finally wandered around until they came across The Smoldering Corpse Bar and decided to enter. Once inside they noticed beings they’d never seen before, demons, monsters, and beings they knew nothing of!

The trio headed to the bar and ordered drinks from the bartender. They talked to him and found out that they were in the city of Sigil and were along ways from the Nalarnian Realm. Trying to figure out how to get back home, a couple of cloaked figures approached the party telling them they could get the trio back home if the party did them a favor. All they had to do was kill a certain Khaasta by the name of Goqadohi who was known to hang around the Spitting Balor Saloon, the party agreed.

The trio made their way to the saloon and found Goqadohi all by his lonesome. Larry immediately attacked the creature who seen him coming. Tragon and Xehanort joined the fray and the trio was able to dispatch Goqadohi with minor injuries. No one in the saloon seemed to care with what had happened and the party promptly exit the building. Once outside Xehanort decided he wanted to find a general store while Larry and Tragon headed back to the Smoldering Corpse.

Once there, Larry and Tragon found the cloaked patrons to be gone. Larry talked to the bartender who had no idea what he was talking about until Larry decided to pay him. Once the bartender started talking Larry decided to try and kill him. Little did he know the patrons of the bar were loyal to the bartender and overwhelmed Larry and Tragon, killing them both.

The Reapers Episode 5: "End of the Road"

After searching Davkul’s compound and retrieving all their equipment, Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort parted ways with Sabariel. As they exited the compound they could see the city guard making their way down the street towards them. They ducked through some alleyways and were able to make it out of The Spike and into the night. The trio made camp outside of the city for the night and in the morning headed back to Reapers Keep. While traveling through the Shahan Desert they came across a Desert Giant herding his flock of sheep.

Larry decided to attack the giant killing it after an intense battle. After the battle Larry remembered about the ring of animal friendship he looted off the Manscorpion weeks before and used it to befriend the herd of sheep which they took with them back to Reapers Keep. Once the trio reached The Keep, they found an army sitting out front of its gate. They recognized the army as the same people who were there earlier to pick up the statue. The trio went through a secret entrance in the mountains to get into The Keep, leaving the herd of sheep outside. Once in, they found the ranks of The Reapers to be in turmoil.

The group came across Divine Reaper Jamaros who was happy to see them alive. He explained that the army was there for the statue but Viciros wasn’t giving it up, locking himself in his quarters with it. The trio went to see Viciros who was pacing across his chambers mumbling about the statue. Larry tried to talk to him to no avail, the only thing thing he cared about was the statue. The trio left Viciros and decided they should make a move against the waiting army. The trio tell Jamaros they are gonna sneak back out with a small group of Reapers and hit the army from the side, once engaged Jamaros should attack from the front which he agrees to.

After heading outside Larry gets his herd of sheep to wanderer through the army kind of as a distraction. The group attacks the army from its side while distracted by the sheep, cutting down soldiers and archers. Jamaros leads the attack from the front gate of Reapers Keep and chaos ensues. The army, utilizing two catapults start launching giant boulders at the front gates of Reapers Keep, Xehanort decides to make his way to the catapults to put them out of commission.

After fighting his way to the catapults Xehanort tries to break one but ends up launching a boulder which brings down the gates of The Keep. The army rains down a volley of arrows from the rear onto The Reapers and cavalry end up charging the group. Realizing that they were taking heavy casualties, Tragon, and Xehanort retreat back into The Keep and once again try to get Viciros to do something. Larry decides its time to takeover as Grand Reaper and attacks Viciros, an intense battle ensues and Viciros ends up defeating Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort.

As Viciros’ anger goes out of control the fallen angel statue starts to emit flashes of light engulfing everyone in the chamber, the trio disappears.

The Reapers Episode 4: "Breaking the Chains"

Davkul The Slaver had his fun with Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort for around a week. Davkul finally decided he wanted to use them as bait in an assassination attempt of rival slaver Khemed Shemov. Davkul summoned his trusty assassin Sabariel to take the trio to Khemed and try to sell them to him, since they were season warriors. Davkul had magical slave collars put on trio which prevented them from speaking and away they went.

Sabariel infiltrated Khemed’s compound as someone looking to sell slaves convincing him to buy the trio at which time he had them thrown in his slave cages. As Khemed’s guards took them away Sabariel was able to slice Khemed’s throat killing him. Once Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort were put in the cages still shackled together, the guards unexpectedly removed the slave collars at which time Larry warned them about the plot against their master.

The trio of slaves tried their best to break free but didn’t have the strength to break the chains. As Sabariel tried to escape she was caught by the guards and ended up in a battle with them. She worked her way outside able to kill off most of the guard. She decided to take the slaves back with her to Davkul replacing the collars around their necks. Since the trio were shackled together Sabariel knocked out Tragon who was in the middle and made the other two carry him back.

They returned to Davkul and Sabariel explained what had happened. What she didn’t know was that Larry had told Khemed’s guards about who sent the assassin.Not soon after, the guards descended upon Davkul’s dwelling and attacked all inside. Davkul’s men along with Sabariel engaged while Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort finally broke free from the shackles. The trio broke for Davkul’s slave pits amongst all the chaos and found some old weapons to use. They headed back to the fighting, freeing Davkul’s slaves in the process. Upon their return Larry engaged.

Davkul while Xehanort and Tragon attacked which ever guards were close enough. The Reaper trio along with Sabariel cleared the room with Larry killing off Davkul and staying true to his name by beheading him. The trio and Sabariel came to a truce with each other, searching Davkul’s compound for their personal effects and the coin that was owed to Sabariel for assassinating Khemed.

The Reapers Episode 3: "A Bad Turn of Events"

On their way to the desert city of Iron Spike, Larry, Tragon and, Xehanort were ambushed by a lone Manscorpion, Tragon tumbled into a pit trap set by the Scorpion but quickly recovered. Tragon engaged the Manscorpion swinging wildly and ended up chopping the leg off of his own horse. Larry decided to dive into the pit to try and stab the Scorpion to no avail hitting the ground instead.

After a few missteps the party was able to slay the Manscorpion finding a nice amount of treasure in the process. When all was said and done the trio gathered themselves and headed to The Spike. Once in town they headed to the slave pits to do business with none other than their old master Davkul The Slaver. Ecstatic to see his old slaves, Davkul decided he wouldn’t sell any of his slaves to the trio but instead made them a deal to fight in the pits against an opponent of his choosing.

If they won the Reapers could have the slaves free of charge and if they lost the three would become slaves once more. They Agreed. After resting up for the night the trio met with Davkul at the slave pits. Unknown to what they were fighting, the trio of Reapers entered the arena. Davkul gave a speech to the crowd and unleashed a horde of Thri-Kreen upon the Reapers. Realizing they made a mistake, the trio tried the best they could to win the battle but were no match against the horde.

After the battle Davkul had the Reapers stripped and imprisoned.

The Reapers Episode 2: "Changing of the Guard"

After Fury Unit returned to Reapers Keep, Grand Reaper Viciros had concerns with the loss of Lesser Reapers. Xanril explained about the heavy resistance in the mining hamlet of Narshe and how some Lesser Reapers betrayed them later that night. Viciros couldn’t believe so many Reapers would turn so he decided to question the remaining members of Fury Unit. Once he got to Larry he tried to explain to the Grand Reaper about what he seen with the statue.

After all was said an done Viciros determined that Xanril was a traitor and had those Lesser Reapers killed and that the ones still alive were loyal to Xanril. Viciros had Xanril captured and told the rest of Fury Unit to kill him in order to prove their loyalty to the Reaper Brigade. The remaining members cut Xanril down with Larry living up to his name and beheading Xanril in the end. With much consideration Viciros promoted Larry to Demi Reaper, giving him commander of Fury Unit.

He then charged Larry with recruiting new members to help fill the ranks of the unit. Larry decided to head to Iron Spike to find pit fighting slaves after a night of rest at Reapers Keep. That night Tragon would dream of Xanril and the destruction of The Nalarnian Realm. In the morning before Larry, Tragon, and Xehanort departed for Iron Spike, they came across Viciros and men representing the one who hired the Reapers to retrieve the statue from Narshe. After some heated conversation Viciros decided he wanted the statue for himself and had the men sent away.

The Reapers Episode 1: "Arifacts Unearthed"

The Grim Reaper Mercenary Brigade were hired to acquire an artifact that was recently uncovered in the small mining hamlet of Narshe. Viciros sends Fury Unit led by Xanril to recover them. Moving in under the cover of darkness, the Reapers were caught by night guards men which sparked an all out battle with the mining hamlet. Unknown to the Reapers, Narshe had found old magical technology from the battles of Lat-Num an Lorac and figured out how to use it.

The hamlet was armed with magical Arquebus’ and had even uncovered three giant magical suites of armor that were infused with magical ability. Even though the hamlet had such tech, the Reapers wiped out Narshe while sustaining quite a few casualties. After searching the hamlet and not finding what they were looking for, Xanril ordered Larry, Xehanort, and Tragon to sweep the mines.

While searching the trio came across the hamlet Elder Umbero Fezim with a giant statue of a fallen angel. Umbero tried to talk to the Mercenaries to no prevail, at which time he summoned his Giant Beetle pet to attack the group which they ended up slaying. After the battle Larry beheaded Umbero earning him the name Larry the Beheader. Xanril had the Lesser Reapers pull the statue out, it was the artifact they came for.

After pulling out of the hamlet the Reapers set up camp but in the middle of the night fights started breaking out between Lesser Reapers. Larry, being awakened by the fighting noticed the statue had a very low glow around it and was drawn into a confrontation with Xehanort. One half of the Reapers killed the other half believing they were traitors.

Tragon was able to stop Larry and Xehanort from killing each other while Xanril ordered the killed Reapers bodies burned. Larry believed the statue had something to do with what happened but Xanril wouldn’t listen ordering the Rest of the Reapers to pack up and head back to Reapers Keep.


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